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How I Work


I craft every element of the design process to each client’s unique needs.

Agile Process

I use stakeholder feedback to constantly refine my designs from start to finish.


I communicate abstract concepts to stakeholders via wireframes to make sure their vision matches the concept.

Spec Docs

I develop specifications to ensure everyone is on the same page, whether other members are working in the next room, or the next time zone.

Flow Charts

I create flow charts to make sure all the proverbial “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed during product development.

Rapid Prototyping

I involve stakeholders in the design process by creating quick prototypes. This helps uncover usability issues based on actual user experiences

Visual Design

I can bring vague or complex concepts to life with a unique, modern design. A design can never be too simple.


Some of my recent works.


Prototypes and Research

AccessRx MD Software

Prototypes and Research

AccessCenter Software

Prototypes and Research


Illustration, UX , Flash Rigging


Assorted Companies


Personal Photography

The Man behind the Door

I help people tell their stories by creating a design that actually matters.

John Drogalis

Senior UX Designer

Who I am.

You know that feeling you get when you open an app and intuitively know how to navigate it? My goal is to create that familiarity in every product. I pride myself on creating cool and innovative designs, regardless of whether they are in code, for print, or even on fabric. I’ve been interested in designing since I was a kid. I recall coming across my dad's old art supplies and drawings while exploring the attic. That discovery triggered my interest in becoming a designer. My prior hobbies helped shape who I am today. My work is a blend of the past and the present; I merge familiar experiences with current trends. No matter how daunting a project appears, it’s my mission to make the final product truly functional and efficient.

During my ten years as a designer, I have designed for many large companies. These are a few of the companies for which I have done work for.

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