Project information

  • Category: Ml & AI Brainstorming Workshop
  • Client: Construct Connect
  • Project date: March, 2023
  • Project URL: Construct Connect WebSite

UX Case Study: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The Problem ML & AI Integration in ConstructConnect Preconstruction Phase

I needed to establish and facilitate a workshop designed to help the company explore ways to integrate ML and AI into the construction industry.

My Role: UX Manager

Workshop Creator & Lead Facilitator

The Obstacle: 
Workshop Creation

In 2023, I created a workshop on "ML & AI in the Construction Industry." Following the workshop, I pinpointed AI-driven Takeoff, Cross-Sell, and Data Features as key growth opportunities for the forthcoming five years. Collaborating closely with ConstructConnect's primary stakeholders for this initiative, we delved into the benefits of integrating ML (Machine Learning) & AI (Artificial Intelligence) into their SaaS solutions to elevate user experiences in construction. Our chief aim was to encourage cross-functional ideation, refining the entire product. The insights garnered from the workshop would lay the foundation for the 2024 Annual Operating Plan (AOP). View More

The Challenge:
Forward Thinking

The company had traditionally focused its planning cycles on quick, short-term gains versus long-term strategic planning. To help guide this shift, I designed and led a What and Why workshop to help create strategic artifacts (deliverables) that would help inform the next year’s operating plan. View More

The Approach:
Changed How We Communicated

During the workshop, I created and introduced innovative tools that reshaped the understanding of both external customers and internal users, moving beyond traditional journey maps to include Objectives, Scenarios, and Goals. By analyzing the feedback from 104 comments, I identified numerous pain points and scenarios where ML & AI could make a marked difference, particularly emphasizing data mining/accuracy and enhancing the Pre-bid estimation process. View More

The Obstacle
Workshop Creation

Project Overview

  • Title: Machine Learning & AI Workshop at ConstructConnect
  • Subtitle: Bridging Machine Learning and User-Centric Design in the Construction Industry
  • Company: ConstructConnect
  • Project Type: Innovating with ML & AI in the preconstruction phase
  • Date: In 2023, identified AI-driven Takeoff, Cross Sell, and Data Features as core growth areas for the next five years
  • Role: Workshop Creator & Lead Facilitator


Teamed up with ConstructConnect leadership to assess the potential benefits of incorporating ML & AI technology into their SaaS platform to improve experiences for users in the construction industry.


To catalyze cross-functional, cross-departmental ideation around how ML & AI can elevate the product ecosystem internally and externally. The insights gained will be crucial for shaping the 2024 Annual Operating Plan (AOP).
The Challenge
Foward Thinking

Who Attended-(Virtual Meeting)

    Several participating stakeholders in this workshop were from multiple parts and levels of the company, including:

  • Executive Chief Strategy officer
  • Two VPs of Product Strategy
  • VP of Sales
  • Sr. Director of Product Marketing
  • Multiple Product Managers
  • Data Scientist

Early Challenge

    I steered the discussion towards understanding daily user pain points. From there, we explored how AI and ML could address
    these issues without diving too deep into solution specifics.
  • Identified Issues
    • Shifting Mindset. Transitioning from a tactical approach to an expansive, innovative mindset.
    • Early-Stage Development. Steering meaningful discussions without the backing of fully developed technical constructs.
    • Executive Communication. Distilling technical and user-centric findings into an accessible and compelling format for the executive team.
The Approach
Changed how we Communicated

The Path

    The workshop significantly influenced both external customers and internal users. It introduced new tools, replacing traditional journey maps with the following artifacts:
  • •Objective. represents the overarching intention motivating user interaction.
  • •Scenario. contextual situations where a user engages with a product to meet an objective.
  • •Goals. actions within a scenario that leads to fulfilling the user's objective.

Finding Patterns

    From 104 collected comments:
  • Identified 69 pain points that were ripe for ML & AI intervention
  • Highlighted 35 scenarios where ML & AI could be impactful.
  • Derived 16 unique goals and detected 9 recurring themes associated with these goals.

The Results

    Our findings culminated in a presentation to the Executive Leadership Team, influencing the 2024 AOP. Key suggestions included:
  • • Keeping construct connect projects updated with extensive data using ML & AI
  • • Swiftly matching users to projects that align with their criteria.
  • • Offering insights into future and past projects for trend analysis.
  • • Personalizing project recommendations based on user interaction history.

Takeaway & Future Endeavors

  • The workshop underscored the synergy between addressing user requirements and achieving organizational goals, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, iterative problem-solving, and early UX intervention in strategic initiatives.
  • As a next step, I was assigned to help the ML & AI team, collaborating with data scientists and product managers to lay the groundwork for training models that realize the workshop's top suggestions.

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