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How I Work


I craft every element of the design process to each client’s unique needs.

User-Centered Process

I use customer and stakeholder feedback and research to continuously iterate and refine my designs from start to finish


I communicate abstract concepts to stakeholders via wireframes to make sure their vision matches the concept.

Spec Docs

I develop specifications to ensure everyone is on the same page, whether other members are working in the next room, or the next time zone.

Flow Charts

I create flow charts to make sure all the proverbial “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed during product development.

Rapid Prototyping/Visual Design

I engage stakeholders by creating quick prototypes, testing for usability, and crafting modern, simple designs.


I collaborate closely with development teams, ensuring smooth communication and alignment between design and technical aspects.


Some of my recent works.


Workshop and Research


Prototypes and Research

AccessRx MD Software

Prototypes and Research

AccessCenter Software

Prototypes and Research


Illustration, UX , Flash Rigging


Assorted Companies

The Man behind the Door

I help people tell their stories by creating a design that actually matters.

John Drogalis

UX Manager/ Designer

Who I am.

I'm John, and I'm here to improve the digital world one pixel at a time. In a nutshell, I'm a user experience (UX) enthusiast with a knack for strategic thinking, a thirst for knowledge, a global perspective, and an understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML). Collaboration and curiosity are at the heart of my approach. A seasoned UX Manager with two decades of industry experience, I blend my background in graphic design, interactive media, and teaching to conjure up solutions that delight users. Armed with a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction and a Certificate in Object-Oriented User Experience (OOUX), I wield the superpower of strategic thinking, harmonizing user needs and company goals to chart a path for future growth. I know I am not a one-man show – my designs aren’t created in a silo. I thrive on working with a diverse, multi-disciplinary team. Together, we shape UX strategies that ensure our products meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. In addition to my extensive UX expertise, I use my AI and ML experience to create cutting-edge and intelligent user experiences. Skillful pattern recognition enables me to adapt UX principles across diverse industries, from children's video games to SaaS products in the construction sector. Let's embark on this UX journey together!

During my Twenty years as a designer, I have designed for many large companies. These are a few of the companies for which I have done work for.

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