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Every design that I develop or every flowchart I make for a client is made specifically for them.

Agile Process

It’s crucial for an application/software to be agile and flexible to efficiently counter any unprecedented changes that may arise.


Visually communicate abstract concepts with users and team members to generate feedback.

Spec Docs

When dealing with offsite developers, "Specification Documents" are essential to helping them understand scope and requirements

Flow Charts

Flow Charts can also act as a way to identify branches of use cases during the testing phase that may have been overlooked.

Rapid Prototyping

Get users involved early in the design process with quick and inexpensive paper prototypes. Uncover usability issues and validate design decisions based on actual user reactions.

Visual Design

I can bring life to any complex ideas or a simple decoration you might have, with a unique and modern design style regardless of how vague or complex they are. A design can never be too simple.


Some of my recent works.

Game Design

Lakeshore Learning Materials

AccessRx MD Software

TouchPoint Medical

AccessCenter Software

TouchPoint Medical

Digital Designs

Assorted Companies

Web Commercial

Nomoi Design


Personal Photography

The Man behind the Door

I help people tell their stories by creating an interface that actually matters.

John Drogalis

UX Designer

Who I am.

I am an UX Designer who currently resides in Pennsylvania. I pride myself in my ability to create cool and innovative designs, regardless of whether it is done in code, for print, or even on fabric. At work, I drive UI requirements from concept to launch. I define features, user flows, content & error conditions as well as the overall look of the product as well. My goal is to ship unique but familiar experiences.

I’ve been interested in designing since I was a child. I recall, when I was young, coming across my dad's old art supplies and drawings while exploring the attic. It was then that I discovered my own passion for art. It was his past that helped shape who I am today, and this is exactly how my approach to art works. By learning from the past and then designing a unique experience that somehow feels familiar. I have accomplished this by taking not only what is popular and new today but also reflecting on and allowing the past to inspire me.

There is a lot more to me besides being an experienced and capable UX &UI designer. My love of creativity and design led to me reaching a master level use of the entire Adobe Suite. My Adobe Suite and management capabilities are on par with my UI & UX designing capabilities which have helped me aquire quite a few major projects. No matter how hard or strenuous a project looks through your perspective, I consider it my mission to help you not just overcome it but make it the truly functional and efficient.

During my ten years as a designer, I have designed for many large companies. These are a few of the companies for which I have done work for.

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